Below are NVD’s 7 customer service principles

Flexible and Proactive

NVD maintain a ‘can do’ philosophy when dealing with your requests
NVD maintain close contact with you to offer solutions
NVD aims for dealings with customers to be as simple and straight-forward as possible

Highly skilled & fully trained Staff

NVD has a standardised system of recruitment, selection, induction, training and development and NVD remunerate on a performance basis
NVD drivers undergo extensive training to ensure road safety, to be professional, presentable, courteous and careful with your property
NVD maintain records of staff versatilities, of ongoing and future training programmes

Collect and Deliver on Time

NVD monitor our delivery performance on a daily basis
NVD advise customers should delivery be outside the agreed lead time
NVD email customers an Advance Delivery Notice with details of their order, driver’s name and phone number.
NVD provides customers with access to their (IT) Inform Vehicle System, giving customers traceability of their property at all times.

Great Care

NVD’s enclosed premises are monitored 24/7 by CCTV.
NVD has customer’s property bay located and electronically recorded.
NVD carries out and provides customers with monthly stock checks.
NVD offers customers real time tracking of their property.

Customer Focus

NVD carries out nationwide cross sectional customer surveys to find out how they rate the company’s services and how NVD can improve.
NVD listens, learns and acts on customer suggestions.
NVD operates a Continuous Improvement philosophy, as NVD know they can always do better.
NVD communicates to their customers on an ongoing basis any improvements, any organisational changes and any additional services that they introduce.

Twice yearly Reviews

NVD carries out scheduled reviews on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.
NVD responds to all issues raised.
NVD proactively and in a spirit of partnership offers bespoke solutions to customer’s logistical requirements.

Respond to Complaints within 24 hours

NVD aims to resolve all problems promptly.
NVD appoints one person to handle customer complaints.
NVD tries to resolve the issue on the spot but if it cannot the company will explain what steps they will take to resolve it and will keep customers informed of progress until the matter is fully resolved.
Where NVD cannot resolve a customer issue immediately, they will advise as to when the issue will be resolved.